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BTR News w/ Scotty Reid added a video. 8 hours 53 minutes ago

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross a tough line of questioning about the U.S. census and accused the Trump Administration in violation of the law pertaining to adding questions to the US Census.

AOC Hammers Trump Official For Violating The Law

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BTR News w/ Scotty Reid added a video. 8 hours 56 minutes ago

"Twitter troll Jacob Wohl appears to have faked death threats against himself to inject drama into a documentary, which raises the possibility that he committed a crime when he filed a police report about those messages.

Wohl, a noted grifter who has spent the better part of this year live-streaming an Islamophobic harassment campaign against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), published a short...
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Troll Caught Faking Death Threats

Cenk Uygur, Hasan Piker and Brooke Thomas discuss a rightwing troll who was caught faking death threats against himself. Tell us what you think in the commen...

The One Anti-Inflammatory Vitamin You Should Be Having Every Morning To Speed Up Your Metabolism Over 40, According To Experts

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I felt kind of offended at the cultural appropriation by the descendants of white supremacist colonizers. I know that doesn't make them white supremacist but it just seems odd to see them doing the Maori haka dance.

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The woman started speaking in tongues and rebuking demons and told the man she hopes his business fails and he can't sleep at night which could be construed as her trying to put a curse on him and his business for allowing a Drag Queen to entertain children. I thought at one time Drag was considered adult entertainment, what happened?

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I've never seen a robbery go down like this if you were a thieve you could almost admire their ingenuity but they can not be that smart since they were literally smiling for the cameras. You know someone else living in poverty will turn them in for reward money.

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