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Has anyone seen The Hate you Give?

Black Rose shared Ras's video from group: Calypso, Kaiso, Reggae, Afrobeat and Soca 2 hours 31 minutes ago

The Tamlins - Baltimore

Some Reggae music by The Tamlins

Live Life In The Moment💥
One of the central purposes of mindfulness is to establish a connection with the present without judgement or criticism.
By practicing this on a regular basis we can use this to reduce stress levels feel healthier & enjoy life more.

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Correction this is not a military manual. It seems to me from reading it. It was written by RWS who have military experience and want to inform other white paramilitary groups on the race war they wish to perpetrate on Black folks. It seems to me the people who wrote it have some kind of military training or experience and they created this manual for like minded racists. I could be incorrect... Show more

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