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Have you heard the news about social media platform’s allowing computer software used by law enforcement to track social activist’s real world movements? Are you tired of your information being data mined so platforms can serve up targeted advertisements trying to sell you something? If you are looking for a platform where black activists will not be spied on in an ad free social media environment then is the place for you. Enjoy the benefits of social media without the trappings by obtaining your $24 per year subscription to a social media platform built by black people for black people. BTR Community is a new subscriber based social network managed by the North Carolina based non-profit Black Talk Media Project in its work to provide safe digital spaces online for people classified as black in a racist system. BTR Community is an extension of the platform Black Talk Radio Network that since 2008 has created and distributed digital black media.

Why pay for a subscription when other social networks are "free"?

Black Talk Media Project is a non-profit organization that recognizes the importance of black public media which includes social media. Unlike for-profit entities, we are not looking for ways to exploit user's data and violate their privacy in doing so to turn a profit for investors.
The subscription fee prevents the need to rely on advertising revenue but most importantly will help fund our ongoing communications project on behalf of Black and disadvantaged communities.

Use debit or credit cards without a Paypal membership and subscribers can cancel subscriptions at anytime. Try the platform for a week for just $1 but why not buy into the vision and go all in with an annual subscription for just $24 per year! Allow up to 12 hours to process new registrations.

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black community


Don't want to subscribe online? For yearly subscriptions only, send a printed letter with a valid email address you will use to login and your preferred username which can be changed later. Include a check or money order for $24 made out to...

Black Talk Media Project
PO Box 65
Mt. Holly, NC 28120.

See you on the inside!

Temporary TOS: We reserve the right to cancel memberships at our discretion for security purposes.
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