Why Should You Join BTR Community?

That depends on who you are and why you are here. BTR Community is the sister platform of Black Talk Radio Network and a safe digital space for Black people who want to engage in free expression minus what often turns out to be an anti-Black environment on the more popular social media networks.

If privacy and expressing yourself in anonymity is important with so many people looking over your virtual shoulder, BTR Community allows its members to use nicknames and internet handles. Since we are a members-only network, there is less likelihood of your employer or anyone else trying to spy on your social media posts because here your posts are not tied to your name unless you choose to make that public when signing up for an account.

The final reason you should join is that you are helping to fund an independent Black media movement that aims to provide an alternative to corporate media outlets that control the media targeting Black communities worldwide. We need to build infrastructure to facilitate the production and dissemination of grassroots media.

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Help fund the work of the non-profit Black Talk Media Project while also gaining access to a Black friendly social media environment. Subscriptions are only $24 per year. Join via the button below or by clicking this link. Allow up to 24 hrs to process your registration after we confirm the transaction.

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Temporary TOS: We reserve the right to cancel memberships at our discretion for security purposes. Posts promoting porngraphy, hate speech or illegal activity is strictly prohibited and offenders may lose access to the platform with no refund.
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