Hip Hop Music aka Rhythm and Poetry aka R.A.P.

Hip Hop Music aka Rhythm and Poetry aka R.A.P.

A place to post the best of nonmurder musik


Bushwick Bill's last interview is extremely Powerful

Rest in Peace to The Geto Boys own Bushwick Bill. The world lost a legend R.I.P Richard Stephen Shaw aka Bushwick Bill

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Marbaby- HOPE DEALER (Kendrick Lamar's Brother)

Kendrick Lamar's baby brother, Morehouse College Graduate and Graduate School student "Marbaby," redefines poetry with his abrupt introduction on the rap sce...

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Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi) - Grand Groove

From the 1993 Album: "Saga Of A Hoodlum "..... Get Tragedy Khadafi's Music: www.amazon.com/Tragedy-Khadafi/e/B000APTRA4/ref=nt…

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Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest

INTRO:Q-tip: DO I love you? Do I lust for you? Am I a sinner because I do the two? Can you let me know? right now please? bonita applebum CHORUS: Bonita Appl...

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I'm I the only one that feels this way.
Theme music

"They say money can't buy you happiness, but being broke ain't worth a bag of shit"


The Unveiling of 'Wu-Tang Clan District' In NYC

Wu-Tang was honored in Staten Island with their street name and the group shares their messages of love and thanks to the community and those who have suppor...

The documentary is phenomenal so far!

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