Hip Hop Music aka Rhythm and Poetry aka R.A.P.

Hip Hop Music aka Rhythm and Poetry aka R.A.P.

A place to post the best of nonmurder musik


Ice Cube - A Bird In The Hand

classic track by cube. Off the Death Certificate album.

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EPMD - Knick Knack Patty Wack

Encore un classique US qui date de 1989. 

Takes me back to.my music industry summer days as a teen.

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Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock Dis Funky Joint

Music video by Poor Righteous Teachers 

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Just-Ice - Lyric Licking

Kool & Deadly ©1987 Fresh/Sleeping Bag Records

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The BackStory of Finesse and Synquis ( Full Video)

This is the backstory of 90's Female Hip Hop Group Finesse and Synquis. Finesse one half of the group shared her memories of Struggle and pain on one of the...

Ras My partner and I used to produce for Finesse after they broke up. Good Sister. Some of her management people were shady. We almost had to run up on them on some gun play for stealing our beats we made for her. This was when I was young.more confused and hyper violent. 3 weeks ago

Planet Rock The Story Of Hip Hop And The Crack...



My Sun wrote this when he 13 yrs old. 10 yrs ago. We were both published in the same magazine, I more than him he was published twice.

Foundational Radio David W. Thando Radio Show montyog1 Osei 21CRM BTR News w/ Scotty Reid

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